Google launches Google Duplex lifelike AI experience

You can just imagine having an intelligent conversion with your computer & meanwhile imagine that your computer does not require to repeat things back to you or even ask you to finalize what you said or asked. So that it responds in a voice which doesn’t sound like a robot. According to the recent buzz, one of the biggest & highly popular search engine giant Google has introduce Google Duplex, which may be the most lifelike computer of the world in current market demand.

Google I/O 2018, the annual developer conference of Google is recently wrapping up & there are many articles that sharing highlights of the conference, but one that caught everyone’s attention was a report regarding how Google Duplex & the Google Assistant can handle calls. The more fascinating thing about Google Duplex is not a reactive chatbot or voice interactive system. In other words, we can say that it is not technology which can use by the support center when a customer calls with several questions, although it will expand to that area.

This is a proactive assistant for customers which will make a phone call. For example, in order to request a dinner reservation or take an appointment for haircut. The assistant interacts with the person on one end as if it were human. It also includes confirmation phrases like ‘mmm-hmm’ &’er’ & even match the voice patterns as well as pace of conversion of the humans’.
This was proven when the CEO of Google, Mr. Sundar Pichai demonstrated the technology by recording two telephone conversions. On the very first call, that was to set up for an appointment of haircut at a salon, the receptionist of the salon asked the called i.e Google Assistant to hold on. After that, the caller responded with ‘Mmm-hmm’.  But there’s no doubt that the salon receptionist had no idea that she was talking to an AI powered technology.

The recording of the second conversion stated that, the machine is calling to make a dinner reservation. Also with the ridiculous way, the restaurant employee handled the call. It seems that in the digital world, conversions with computers are acquiring new heights of quality & reliability.